You don’t have to comment on everything people do

Every day, I can look at my twitter feed and see at least one person talking about what other people do. It’s often something minuscule, like watching ‘too much’ television or posting about their relationship for the world to see.

It’s almost always something that doesn’t affect the person tweeting at all, but they still feel the need share their negativity with their followers. And anyone who sees it absorbs the energy behind it, whether they do what is being posted about or not.

The worst is when it’s sent directly to someone, when a comment about the way a person chooses to look or the way they live their life is made via anonymous messages or even direct tweets . They show up on my timeline, and I get them occasionally, and immediately, my stomach sinks.

There are right and wrong times to share your opinion, and sharing it on something inconsequential just for the sake of sharing or to make yourself feel better is silly and impulsive. Sometimes, your opinion doesn’t need to be stated. Sometimes, it’s unnecessary.

There is a myriad of other things you could be tweeting about. Dogs, for example. An inspiring quote, your favorite movie, the universe, some sick songs you’ve been listening to, something good that happened to you, dank memes, pics of beautiful women (or men, I guess). Positive things, things that make you happy.

And when it comes to sending people messages about why they bother you, I suggest unfollowing them instead. Rid yourself of your negative feelings instead of feeding them.

Choosing to focus on the things you don’t like isn’t helping anyone, especially not you.

I know that making this blog post is a little hypocritical. I guess I could have unfollowed the people who tweet this way and posted about literally anything else. That very fact is what has held me back on this topic for years, but I guess I’ve just seen too much of it.

All I’m trying to say is: the world doesn’t need your input on everything. You don’t have to pick up your phone and tweet any negative judgement you have as soon as you think it. Your followers will get along fine, and you’ll be just as good of a person without it. Maybe even better.

If it’s critical of someone, if it isn’t constructive, it’s okay not to say anything. It’s okay. Loving things is awesome, and positivity (real positivity) is underrated.

As the great Elizabeth Olsen said in Liberal Arts, “You think it’s cool to hate things. It’s not. It’s boring. Talk about what you love and keep quiet about what you don’t.”

Live your life, and let others live theirs. I promise the earth won’t implode if you do.

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